Ever since I was a young girl, I have been attracted to beautiful jewelry. I would stare into every jewelry store window, entranced by flowing metal forms and brightly colored gems. I doodled necklaces and rings in my notebooks. Then, one day, I realized that there were actual people who designed and made these pieces, so why couldn´t I be one of them too?

This was the start of my metalsmithing. In time, I came to learn how to forge metal, cast ingots, roll sheet, solder and other techniques to give form to the designs in my mind. Because of my inquisitive nature, I usually stretch techniques to their limits, creating my own way of working. And, of course, I have quite a collection of books. Everything is better with books.

I try to surround myself with tranquility and peace. Music, books and open space are very important to me and, I believe, are echoed in my work. I like to make pieces with simple outlines but that are striking and have a modern feel.

All my pieces are of my own design and execution. By shaping metal with hammer, saws and files, I create individual pieces, highlighted by carefully chosen stones.